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a Metallized Wet Strength Paper

We can offer stocks and prime quality of this paper in reels from 68 to 93 gsm from our principals at Europe. These papers are suitable to be used as label paper for beer bottles (68-73gsm) and liquor and wine bottles (83 and 93 gsm).

a Metallized Board

This board can be offered from 200 – 600 gsm in art board, SBS, FBB and duplex board as the base boards. The top metallized layer is vacuum metallized and can be offered with or without a hologram. This can be offered either in reels or in sheets.

a Art Paper and Art Board

This is being offered right from 80 gsm to 300 gsm in either reels or sheets and in either gloss or matt finish. Very high quality of paper and board is being directly imported from mills in Europe and Asia and the sizes can be customized to suit the requirements of the customer.

a Colour Paper and Board

These range of paper and boards and ideally suited to be used in diaries and covers and are also used to make high quality wedding cards and in print catalogues.

a Coated Paper Board

This board is used to produce name cards, invitation cards and is being offered from mills in Asia.

a Cast Coated Paper and Metallized Cast Coated Paper

This paper is ideally suited to be used as label paper to print liquor labels. This gsm that we can offer is in 80 and 85 gsm in reels as well as sheets. Metallized cast coated paper is available on stock sale basis in 83 gsm.

a Wet Strength Label Papers

This paper is ideally suited as label paper for returnable bottles such as beer. We can offer stocks and prime lots of this paper in 70, 75 and 80 gsm. This paper is being offered to our customers from mills in Europe.

a FBB and SBS Boards

We can offer you prime grades of these boards from top mills across the world. We can also offer you stock lots of these boards. The gsm range available would be from 210 – 400 gsm.

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